Gallery 2022_07

V3075  " Holiday      "

What if the summer comes too late ?
Never mind it´s your holiday.
Sweet hot and bitter taste.
Make sure it´s your perfect paste.
Open-minded as the sea.
Your body taste of all of these.
Emotions,vibes and happiness.
Wake up, throw away your laziness.

Watercolors on canvas  100x70x2 cm

           FOR SALE

V4828  "Lose myself   "

Lose myself
If I lose myself, I lose the key.
If I lose myself I lose the world I see.
When I lose myself, the flowers lose the colors.
My heart stop beating and it creates a chaos.
If I lose myself, do I lose the sky and the sea ?
If I lose myself, I lose the mirror of the world I see.
Will I see the world in a different way ?
The sun with the sky and clouds would have the same face ?
Why do I have so many questions ?
Seeing the world differently brings me great satisfaction. 

Acrylic on canvas  100x70x2 cm 

                             FOR SALE   

V8100  " Plant-age "

Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm  

           FOR SALE

V3990  " Sun dance "

When the sun shows me it´s face.

It sounds like energy brings me to space.

Stay a while, let´s do some dance.

It´s my best feeling, my best fance.

Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm                               FOR SALE

V22778 " Pink flow   "

 Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm

         FOR SALE


VXX  " Water element "

Když si vodní barvy hrají a ukazují nám svou zář.
Pak stačí jeden pohled a rozzáří ti tvář.
V tom obrázku vodní element vesele si pluje.
Tak hledej tvář, ale rychle dokud ti neodpluje. 

Watercolors on canvas 80x40x2 cm 

             FOR SALE