I create to live,I live to create

Painting is like dancing on canvas.


Upcoming exhibitions:

Luxembourg Art prize 2022

IAVA- exhibition "HELP"       



Contemporary Art Curator Magazine "Butterfly effect"

SeeMe -exhibition "EMERGE


MADS art gallery Milano Kromatik

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine Online Exhibition "River of Dreams"

"555 Special" Art Exhibition 2021 "Good night my town" Special Merit Awarded

11th Landscapes Art Exhibition "Mirror tell me" 

Contemporary Art Curator MagazineOnline Exhibition - winner of "Power of creativity art prize"

6CONTEST Exclusive contest "Harmony of Art" - Special Recognition

Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

ArtKeys prize 2021

Open ART fest 2021 Praha

MADS art gallery Milano, Fuerteventura Sacrifice


Don Cafeto solo exhibition "If the Sea Could Talk"