I create to live
I live to create

Painting is like dancing on a canvas

Veronika Slívová

The most beautiful music rings out my brushes and I get into a whirlwind of dancing colours.

It's a way where no words are needed, they would only break the harmony and magic of this expression.

You are the one who sets the direction and grace and no one else.

You are here and now and you create.

For joy, for fulfillment, for love and for you.


I was born in Prague in 1975, where I still live and create, and even my childhood dreams guided me to be a painter.

I started abstract painting in 2019 after studying at the Spiritual academy.

Painting has found me. I wanted it so badly that it came to me.

I discovered who I really am. I am a painter at heart, a poet at soul.

I most enjoy creating intuitively with a combination of acrylic paint, spatula and brush, letting the music and my thoughts piece together on the canvas and when the unexpected becomes the expected or surprising.

Ideas after ideas assemble the paintings like a puzzle.

Sometimes the painting is accompanied by poetry or words that have found their own way, this is when the canvas speaks to me.

As an emotional painter, I work with the inner world that is reflected in each of us.

I want my painting to tell a story and convey a message with my words.

As an emotional artist, I want to combine visual and mental perception by playing with my thoughts and proudly showing them to the world.

Because the image is the sum of all sensations, it remains forever.

I want to combine everything into one, forever.

Try to stop for a moment and listen to the colours.

You see colours that speak to you and communicate more than what is on the surface.

Try to see things differently, try to question yourself.

What are your feelings and how do words and images affect you ?

Maybe then you will see the world differently, a world that will make your thoughts dance.