Gallery 2022_08

V1900  " Emotional peace      "

Peace is the place which I only dream.

Peace is the sun without any fear.

Peace is a fire changed into a calm.

The place without any hate you will find in your heart.

It´s the moment you hear the birds voices and you understand.

It´s the deep connection with nature and be a part of them.

Peace is the calm before the storm.

It´s a place where the positive vibes are no fight nor destroyed.

Let´s find the peace with emotions you have.

If you are lucky and loved there is no illusion or death.

This is the most important message from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Let´s be connected again and find your "HOME"

What is peace?

It's an emotion.

Positive and negative energy in harmony.

Dot, point, beginning and end.

It's something and also nothing.

It's a boundary without limits.

Acrylic on canvas  100x70x2 cm

           FOR SALE

V8185  " The bird song   "

Acrylic on canvas  100x70x2 cm 

                             FOR SALE   

V6815  " Mint valley "

Už víte jak voní mintové údolí ?

Přivoňte si pohledem.

Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm  

           FOR SALE

V1231  " Cotton candy "

Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm                               FOR SALE

V22778 "   "

 Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm



V6356  "  "


Acrylic on canvas 100x70x2 cm